Find a GP, Psychiatrist or Psychologist 

Asking for help and entrusting your care to a doctor can be a big step for doctors. We're making it easier by providing a central place where you can find a clinician that other doctors have trusted with their care. 

Doctors that are dedicated to helping other doctors have both a personal and professional interest in improving the health of the profession. We know this is good for the health of the community.

Find a GP

There is a network of GPs across NSW who support their colleagues by being a doctor for other doctors. AMA NSW and Doctors’ Health NSW maintain this registry to help you find a GP. 

Find a Psychiatrist

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists offers a list of specialists with experience in treating doctors, psychiatrists and medical students.

Click the button below to find a psychiatrist that understands. Choose ‘doctors, psychiatrists or medical students’ from the patient groups drop down list. 

Find a Psychologist

The Australian Clinical Psychology Association has a searchable database of psychologists. Click the button below to find a psychologist in your area or with a particular area of expertise. Alternatively, if you would like help to find a psychologist interested in helping doctors and medical students, call our phone line service (02 9437 6552) and talk to one of our experienced GPs.